Need a Sonoma County Kitchen Designer?

Are you thinking about redoing your kitchen and in need of a Sonoma County kitchen designer? Here are several tips that you should keep in mind:

Think ahead

When redesigning your kitchen, you need to put function ahead of design. There is no perfect kitchen shape; whether you choose a U or L shape, make sure that the fridge, countertop, and sink form a triangle that has less than six feet on each side for easy movement.

Storage room

The biggest mistake that most people make when designing new kitchens is not allowing enough space for storage. Place overhead cabinets up to the ceiling instead of leaving a space that will just collect dust. For easier access to pots and pans, consider installing deep drawers, and include enough space for appliances that usually clutter the countertop.

Install enough lighting

Unlike other rooms in the house, the overhead lighting in most kitchens is often insufficient. You do not want to install wall lights, which end up casting shadows on your workspace. Under-the-cabinet lights are also preferable because they shine directly onto your countertop.

Power play

Because the kitchen needs many appliances – such as microwaves, sandwich makers, fridges, and coffee makers – you need to install plenty of power outlets. Furthermore, many homeowners realize too late that they have the wrong lines for electricity and gas.

Counter space

There is no such thing as too much counter space. You need to pick a surface that is easy to work on and clean. Remember that stainless steel scratches very easily and the space between tiles is difficult to maintain.

Safety first

Make your kitchen as family-friendly and safe as possible by planning for good visibility to play areas and backyards. Moreover, you should consider safety-conscious elements like slip-resistant flooring and rounded countertops.

When remodeling your kitchen or building a brand-new one, you need a Sonoma County kitchen designer. Humanity Home & Cabinetry specializes in kitchen and bath cabinetry, furniture and home accessories, as well as interior design. Call them at 707-595-5046. Hiring the right designer for your kitchen will save on money and time.