Working With Marin County Kitchen Designers

Whether your kitchen needs a total remodeling or just a facelift, getting help from a kitchen designer is worth the expense. If your project costs more than a few hundred dollars, it’s important to hire an expert because it is too big for DIY. Here are some tips for working with a kitchen designer.

Do your research

Your first meeting with the kitchen designer will be smooth if you have a general idea of the look that you want. Start by browsing magazines and decorating websites for design photos that speak to you. Show those images to your designer, as they will communicate what you want more clearly.

Stay flexible

Professional Marin County kitchen designers like those at Humanity Home & Cabinetry can spot holes in your dream kitchen that will not work no matter how much you want them to work. He may also introduce new concepts that you have never thought about. Your designer can prevent you from sacrificing function for aesthetic appeal, which will avoid a disaster.

Plan your budget

Have a good idea of the amount that you are willing to part with to avoid spending too much. If you have money for high-end finishes and pro-grade appliances, ask the designer to include them in your design from the start. If you cannot afford expensive things, trust that your designer has the know-how and experience to stretch your dollars as far as they will go.

Settle on draft plans and a timeline

You and your designer will not come up with a perfect plan for the project on the first try. Therefore, you should prepare to engage in a back-and-forth. How many drafts of the plan will you look at before you agree to pay up and sign the contract? You need to come up with a timeline for the project and keep in mind that even the best planned jobs can be thrown off schedule by circumstances beyond your control.

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