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Top Kitchen and Bath Design Trends For 2021

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in a home. Some of the fondest memories are made in the kitchen, while the bathroom can serve as an escape and sanctuary. Many people start their day by taking a refreshing shower and end their day with a relaxing, hot bath.

Both the bathroom and kitchen play an important role in our lives. Every homeowner must consider bathroom and kitchen renovations to be a high priority when they are considering freshening up their home’s look.

Ready to plan a kitchen and bath remodeling project? Here are some design trends to inspire you from our team of interior designers at Humanity Home & Cabinetry.

Hygiene Will Become a Top Priority
The past taught us the importance of hygiene and maintaining a clean living space. Bathrooms and kitchens have multiple high-touch surfaces.

As hygiene concerns remain prominent, more people than ever are revamping their bathrooms and kitchens to prevent cross-contamination in these rooms.

Quartz is one of the best materials to use in the bathroom and kitchen. The benefits of quartz extends beyond aesthetics. In addition to offering a wonderful accent to your bathroom and kitchen, quartz helps in the prevention of cross-contamination.

Quartz is naturally nonporous which means that it does not need sealing. On top of this, they are stain-resistant and antibacterial making them an appealing option when it comes to beautifying a high-traffic home space.

Another effective way to decrease the risk of cross-contamination in your kitchen and bathroom is to install touchless, motion-sensored faucets.

A touchless faucet allows you to clean your hands without coming in contact with it. It also simplifies cooking and cleaning as you can turn it on and off even while carrying heavy pots and pans.

Many remodeling experts believe smart toilets will make a splash this year. They come loaded with features that simplify cleaning and maintenance. Many toilets have a sleek, extremely easy-to-clean exterior.

Homeowners Will Look for Ways to Maximize Storage Space

As people spend more time at home, they are realizing the importance of maximizing their kitchen and bathroom storage.

Renovation projects to create more storage space in the pantry are gaining popularity. Work with a kitchen and bath remodeling expert near you to design a storage solution personalized to fit your specific needs. Customized storage will help ensure that everything has a designated place and will keep drawers and cabinet corners organized.

If you want to maximize storage space in your bathroom, install floating vanities as they make your bathroom feel open. Wall-hung vanities are ideal for spa-style bathrooms.

Human-centric Lighting Will Gain Popularity

The lighting in your bathroom and kitchen should provide enough illumination to perform everyday tasks easily and safely.

For better bathroom lighting, install mirrors with LED lighting. This will not only provide task lighting without glare, but also offer ambient light that doubles as a nightlight.

In the kitchen, install task lighting under the cabinets or shelving. Light the center of your kitchen island with LED recessed downlights.

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